How much do you need to invest?

For a shop-in-shop franchise, the figure will look something like this:

  • Customising your venue ($500-10,000) 
  • Bar products (approx. $2,000)
  • Corporate documents (varies by country – approx $1,500)
  • Training (approx. $7,000, which is 50% of the total. EBS covers the remaining $7,000)
  • IT, website and systems ($3,000)
  • Translations (up to $8,500)
  • Marketing start-up budget ($10,000)
  • Videos and photos ($1,000-$3,500)
  • Insurance costs (up to $2,000)
  • Agreements ($500-$2,000)

Total: $25,000-$45,000* approx

*When building a purpose-built school, the cost for customising the venue may be higher.

Profit diagram

The split

Your school’s success is our success. We invest together and work together towards shared goals, and split the profits accordingly.

This diagram explains how the profit split works:

What we do & what we pay for

  • Business plan template and advice
  • Business financial budgets and advice
  • EBS Shop set-up and sales tips
  • EBS products
  • EBS Shop inventory system
  • Assistance with goal-setting and periodic updating of the business plan
  • Regular review of business performance, linked to confidential feedback on deviations from group norms, plus advice on possible improvements
  • Periodic auditing of your operation
  • One-on-one counselling sessions
  • Advice on finding and setting up your venue
  • Drawings and advice from a professional architect
  • Tips on stocking your bar
  • Site visits and guidance from our regional manager
  • Marketing research template, toolbox and training
  • Marketing plan & budget template, toolbox and training
  • Brand guidelines and brand story
  • Image & video library
  • Generic landing page, toolbox and training
  • Complete EBS website template, toolbox and training
  • Paid search training manual, template, toolbox and training
  • SEO training manual, toolbox and training
  • Social paid manual, toolbox and training
  • Social media (organic) manual, toolbox and training
  • Community management manual, toolbox and training
  • Email workflow template, toolbox and training
  • Translation process, toolbox and training
  • Value proposition manual and toolbox
  • Open day manual, toolbox and training
  • Health check manual, toolbox and training
  • Offline marketing guidelines, toolbox and training
  • Native communication plan, toolbox and training
  • Offline marketing toolbox
  • Admin and back-office training and support
  • EBS booking engine 
  • EBS admin and back-office system
  • Business intelligence systems
  • Franchise admin system
  • IT support
  • Sales training and sales CRM system training
  • Ongoing sales training and support
  • Franchise admin system
  • Fully developed EBS course curriculum
  • Training for all instructors and assessment of your staff
  • A rigorous EBS evaluation system to keep standards high
  • Regular revision and updates of the curriculum and teaching methods
  • Spirit bottles from our sponsors
  • Regular visits by franchise experts and EBS regional managers
  • Access to local, regional and national meetings arranged by the franchisor, designed to drive the business forward
  • An invitation to the annual EBS convention where we meet and discuss how to drive the business forward
  • Automatic consideration for our franchise awards, announced at the convention

What you do & what you pay for

  • Conduct the EBS courses
  • National marketing
  • Sales and admin
  • Goods (alcohol, garnish, events etc.)
  • Overheads (direct labour expenses, salaries etc.)
  • General and administrative costs (national marketing, light, power, rent etc.)
  • Business taxes
Bartending tools

How much can you make?

As a franchisee, your earning potential can be as big as your ambition. And like with any business venture, you reap what you sow. The six main factors that impact your results are:

  • The location of your school
  • The size of your market
  • Your sales performance
  • The strength of your team