A turnkey company with a successful business model

One of the best things about becoming an EBS franchisee is that the foundations have already been laid out for you. The curriculum, the schedule and the branding and marketing guidelines are all ready to implement at your own school. So all you need to do is ‘turn the key’.

Because of this, the start-up is fast. From the time you fill out your franchisee application, you can be running your own school in just four to six months. This start-up process includes all the necessary training and ongoing support and advice from our franchise representatives.

Teach the world’s most developed bartender course

Designed by our Board of Education, our four-week International Bartender Course is our core product that all franchisees should offer. 

The course is broken down into four modules: Bar Practice, Masterclasses, Flair and Free Pour. By the end of the course, our students have the skills and the confidence to walk behind any bar, anywhere in the world and look like they’ve been doing it for years.

Here are the highlights:

  • Specially trained EBS instructors
  • Weekly masterclasses with industry experts
  • Bartending manual designed by world-leading bartenders
  • Informative pre-course video pack
  • Globally recognised certificate of completion
  • Free lifelong access to our exclusive job platform, EBS MatchStaff
  • The option to stay at our EBS accommodation

Overview of the International Bartender Course schedule:

  • Four weeks of training, Monday to Friday (Monday to Thursday in week four) 
  • Six hours of school per day, including a 60-minute break
  • Students rotate between the different work stations throughout the day (bar stations, live bars, flair areas, free pour areas and masterclass areas) 
  • At least two educational events should be held outside course hours (e.g. a distillery tour or a cocktail competition)

Advertising and marketing support

Thanks to our exceptional advertising strategy, the EBS name is recognised around the world by a huge portion of our target audience.

As a franchisee, you will reap the rewards of all the far-reaching ad campaigns, stories, student testimonials and marketing strategies we've rolled out over the past 20 years. These include TV & radio commercials, social media ads, blogs, special events and promotions, PR campaigns and collaborations with the biggest spirit brands in the world. Being associated with EBS means your school will be instantly recognisable and trustworthy.

When you join us, you can expect extensive above-the-line marketing in your own school. We’ll kick off with a grand opening campaign in your region, as well as support and coaching on a local level. You’ll also have access to video and ad libraries, key messages and finished campaign ideas that you are free to use and implement in your own marketing.

EBS instructors

Franchisee training

As a new EBS franchisee, you’ll head to Barcelona, Spain where we'll introduce you to the brand and give you hands-on operations training. This training will cover every part of running a business, from marketing, sales, administration and IT to the bartender training itself.

As well as this, your instructors will need to take a four-week basic training course followed by our three-week Instructor Academy course.

When you’re back at your own school, an EBS regional manager will come and give you advice and support on the day-to-day details and challenges you might encounter.


Establish your territory

As well as helping with the internal setup, we’ll help you get set up in your region. Our expansion and marketing teams will work hard to give you as many territory rights as possible. These rights will determine who can attend your school, whether it’s locals-only or if you can open it up to other markets too.

Your franchise options

1. Shop-in-shop

With the shop-in-shop option, you’ll get to open your school in a cocktail bar or nightclub. This is great if you’re looking to save on the initial investment. 

If you don’t already own a venue, we’d recommend searching for a place that’s closed during the day, so you would only need to pay rent for the month your courses are held. 

2. Purpose-built school

If your region has a promising market, you can build your school from scratch. This would mean a larger upfront investment, but more freedom to design it how you want it.

If your market isn’t quite big enough yet, you can start with the shop-in-shop option. Then once you’ve hit a pre-decided capacity of students, you can move to a purpose-built school.

Your school should have...